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First Post

Hey there, heres a little introductory post to get things going.

Primary Goals

I've put this blog together to do a little writing practice. Expect some garbage opinions on programming and video games. My goal is to someday reach the writing quality necessary to get a contrarian post linked to and then torn apart by hackernews.

Aiding in that goal is the pretty cool Jekyll site generator. Early on, I decided that I wanted blog posts to be expressed using Markdown. Despite being comfortable with React and Vue.js, a component library and SPA is overkill for a site that is entirely static, and Django, which I love, is too monumental an apparatus for simply storing and serving blog posts. Jekyll happens to be a static site generator shaped post for this static site generator shaped hole. Turns out, its a breeze to work with! I've cordoned off a showcase section of the site, which can link to sub domains with run by whatever extravagant technology I'm infatuated with at the moment.

Speaking of infatuated, bootstrap sass is also pretty nifty. I've come to rely on bootstrap's grid system (made so much better recently with bootstrap 4's flex rewrite) for layout stuff, but I don't need many of its other components. Turns out you don't need to lug around bootstrap's full bundle! I have a scss file sitting above bootstraps infinity depths which only includes bootstrap features I want

// @import "bootstrap/modal";
@import "bootstrap/tooltip";
// @import "bootstrap/popover";
// @import "bootstrap/carousel";
// @import "bootstrap/spinners";
@import "bootstrap/utilities";

Honestly I don't think it even reduces the file size that much, but there is a certain satisfaction in choosing the destiny of the grovelling files scattered before me.

Ancillary Goals

My second goal, perhaps more outlandish than the first, will be to learn to proof-read my own writing. Maybe I'll start that journey in my next post. Probably not.